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One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Where do we start?” We are happy to point you in the right direction! For all ages 2.5 (and potty trained) through 9 we recommend starting with our combination classes. These classes have 20-30 minute sections of multiple styles combined into just one class per week, so it’s a great way for your dancer to be introduced to the world of dance. These classes are geared towards beginners, or even 2nd or 3rd year dancers who are still exploring and fostering their love of dance.

If your dancer is age 7+, however, you are also able to explore our specialty classes and just pick one style. We recommend all dancers, even older beginners through age 11 or 12, to start with Level 1, even if you have previous dance experience. Your teacher will guide you to an upper level if it is too easy! Many dancers will stay in the same level for 2, or even 3, years before moving onto the next level. If you aren’t sure which dance style interests you the most, click here for a brief video that introduces a few of the styles we offer!

**Classes that are stricken through are currently full with a waitlist.