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Matters of the Heart 3/26, 7:30pm

Zilker Hillside Theater
3/26/18 | 7:30pm

What if we all showed courage in the face of our fears? Sometimes it’s the things that are the most uncomfortable that help us grow the most. Face your fears of aging, fears of failing, fears of loneliness and fears of darkness.

Break the boundaries that the world has set for you, or that you set for yourself. Face your fears and step outside the lines.

Come support our dancers in an evening of self-affirmation. This show will include dances from Lonestar Dance Center, MÜV Dance and Fitness, Performing Arts Studio Georgetown and Dance Xplosion. We hope our show, “Matters of the Heart,” will enlighten someones heart and mind to make a positive change in the world around them.

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